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We bring real arcade game controls to your computer and consoles!

Borrowing from real arcade games of the past, GOPODULAR! has developed the most durable, versatile, and ACCURATE controller system on the market.  Finally you can have real arcade cabinet controls on your desktop.

Utilizing our Swappable Cartridge Encoder System™, future gaming consoles can be supported as they are released into the market.  With genre specific control layouts, and platform specific encoders, our control panels are simply the best choice you can make.

Using only the highest quality commercial arcade game parts, each of our controllers is built to last a long, long time.  These parts are designed to provide years of trouble free service under the constant abuse of commercial settings.  You can bring that level of durability home and experience games as they were meant to be played... with the controls they were meant to be played on.

GOPODULAR! is constantly adding to the graphic overlay line-up so you can have a controller that will make your friends jealous.  Each design maintains the flavor of the game genre the controller is intended for.  You can finally have a professionally manufactured controller in a color other than "just black".  All of our artwork is printed on commercial grade vinyl, not paper.  Just like real arcade games were.

Each controller is built so that no bolts protrude through the top of the panel.  This takes considerably more time during construction, but the end result is spectacular.  Isn't it about time you demand this level of detail?


Visit our website at for full descriptions of our desktop panels with real arcade game controls.  Finally, there is a solution...  



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Frogger 2 for Playstation

Frogger 2 for PlayStation

Robotron: 2084 for PC

Robotron: 2084 for Xbox Live

Soul Calibur 3 for PC

Soul Calibur 3 for PS2

Tiger Woods PGA Tour for PC

Tiger Woods PGA for PC