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Order a real arcade control panel from GOPODULAR!

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Order a real arcade control panel from GOPODULAR!


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* * Desktop Arcade Control Panels For Computer and Console Systems * *

Real Arcade Joysticks:

Real Arcade Joystick Controller
GOPODULAR! manufactures the only arcade joystick panels on the market that allow for upgrades and expansion this easily.  By using the Podular System™, you can play games as intended and without compromise.  With our trademark Swappable Cartridge Encoder System™, our controllers are future proof.  It also allows us to use native encoders for each gaming platform which means no more lag from adapters!  We're using only the best components from around the world to make our joysticks the best you can buy.  If you're a tournament player, or are working towards it, rest assured that with GOPODULAR! products, "There Will Be No Compromise".


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Article: Melamine vs. Laminate Comparison SEIMITSU - Coming Soon! Design Your Own Arcade Joystick!

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Retro Style Gaming on Multiple Platforms:

Playstation xbox and other supported consoles.There are very few manufacturers that support cross-platform use, and when they do, they only support it through various adapters.  This method  "works", but can cause lag and/or button translation.  GOPODULAR! offers the only true solution... swappable encoders.  Our controls are based around our trademark Swappable Cartridge Encoder System™.  This method allows our arcade inputs to be fused with the native circuit board(s) required for each system.  Have a PlayStation?  Use PlayStation circuitry, not some second rate adapter.  Want to move the controller to your PC?  Swap to the PC cartridge. There are no shortcuts with this method, only 100% pure and original code for each platform.

Not only is this a better way to go, it still gives you the freedom to "try" any adapters you may already have.  They may work!  Some do and some don't, that's the drawback of using adapters.  You don't know which ones work, which ones remap the controls, and which ones will still be available when yours fails.  No other manufacturer gives you the choice between off the shelf adapters and an easy to swap cartridge that houses a native controller PCB.  That's because no other manufacturer demands this level of accuracy in their product.  We do.  Plus we're hard at work expanding our supported consoles lineup.

It's sad that each time Nintendo comes out with a new console, they change the layout and design of their controllers.  So does Microsoft with their Xbox controllers.   With a GOPODULAR! arcade panel, you don't need to learn a new controller layout. Just purchase the appropriate Swappable Cartridge Encoder™, plug it in, and play on the same control panel you're used to using!

Thought in Design:

It's like Einstein made it.Some manufacturers require you to "make do" with a single joystick layout for every game you want to play.  It may be uncomfortable, it may not even have all the buttons available!  GOPODULAR! is the only manufacturer that is offering a wide selection of control layouts.   We put a LOT of thought into our designs before a new controller is released.   All of our control panels feature our trademark front interface that has both player 1 and player 2 "coin-up" buttons and "administrative" buttons that can be configured for various functions under MAME and other emulators.  We don't put parts in a cheap rectangular box made out of "Wal-Mart wood" with paper-thin coverings.  We use only real laminate like on your kitchen counter.  Our panels are designed so there are NO bolts, screws, nails, or anything else stuck through the top.  All of the mounting hardware is embedded below the top laminate.  Some of our competitors use wood screws from the bottom to hide the mounting hardware.  That's a bad methos because it can strip out or even pull out and leave you with a worthless box.  We designed and manufacture our own metal mounting plates for joysticks just like the ones used for mounting trackballs in Golden Tee machines!  They're made to take a pounding.  If you're trying to play games on a competitors panel, you're not getting the full gaming experience.  Top-end gamers need top-end products.

Highest-Quality Arcade Parts:

We only use high end parts like Happ, Sanwa and Cherry.GOPODULAR! does not use substandard "imitation" controls.  Some manufacturers are using joysticks and buttons coming out of Korea & China that just DO NOT have the quality and longevity of American, European, and Japanese arcade parts.  Each control panel offered by us is filled with genuine, high quality arcade controls from suppliers like SANWA, Cherry, Seimitsu, Ultimarc, Happ and iL.  We buy parts that are top-of-the-line, not imitations.  If you are considering purchasing a control panel from someone else, ask them who manufactures the parts they use first.  Are the parts cheap or are they the best?   Do they make their own house-brand to cut costs?  There's a huge difference in terms of feel, accuracy, and quality in arcade parts.  We use nothing but the best parts for the application.  We list our parts so you can search the internet and get feedback on each component prior to your purchase.

The Simplicity of a Gamepad Encoder:

Real arcade controls for PS2, Xbox and more!Your PC will see your controller as a gamepad.  This allows you to use it for every PC game that allows gamepad inputs.  Just plug it in!   Our arcade controllers are not just for retro games either, sports titles are incredible to play with an arcade quality controller.  Now you can play them with "enthusiasm" because you know our controllers can take the abuse.  By using a gamepad based encoder, you have the freedom to bring your controller to your friends or have them bring theirs to your house.  You can even trade your controllers for the weekend.  The more controllers (and friends) you have, the more fun it is.  With GOPODULAR! controllers, you can turn your PC into the ultimate console system.  Want to use your controller with a game that only takes keyboard inputs?  Then use a software program like "Joy2Key" or "RB-Joy" (part German, part English site).  These programs let you map the gamepad inputs to whatever keystroke you need.  That makes almost any game compatible with our controllers!  On top of that, with the Swappable Cartridge Encoders, your controller will be seen as a legitimate console controller when you plug it into your console based system.  There will be no button translation or lag like with adapters.

Podular System™ Approach:

Podular modular or swappable, however you say it, it sounds good.Our control panels are designed to be part of a whole, or to stand on their own.  No other manufacturer offers this flexibility in this neat of a package.  Search the internet for examples.   The only great looking controllers are custom built, by hand, by the person using it.  That requires a TON of research, a TON of planning and a TON of construction time.  There are several pitfalls to fall into while building a real arcade controller.  That is the advantage of the Podular System.  We do all that work for you.  Professional parts, professional design, and a professional commitment to the future to make sure your purchase doesn't become outdated.  We have new products to roll out that will add to what you've already bought from us.  You can use one control panel with a pile of different cartridges, or use one cartridge with a pile of different control panels.   Nobody else lets you mix-n-match like this!


Real, custom arcade game controls.Don't buy something ugly.   Remember back when you went to the arcade and saw some brand new game with eye candy all over it?  Maybe it was the marquee, or the sideart, but whatever it was, artwork can & does put the finishing touches on things.  GOPODULAR! control panels have professionally designed artwork.  It's what completes the whole package.   Check our pictures and compare them with other manufacturers.  Notice that our artwork isn't printed on "glossy paper" that needs to be protected by Plexiglas.  Our artwork is printed on commercial grade material just like real arcade cabinets.  It's made to look good for the long haul.

Modular Expansion:

It's an arcade system you can build with!There's a reason why our control panels are built like they are...  we've taken a "system approach" in our design.  You're buying a system you can tailor to your specific needs, not someone else's.  Our arcade control panels are made to be brought over to friends houses or the next competition event.  You can borrow a friends panel or lend them yours.  Your encoder cartridge will work with their panel, and yours will work on theirs!  It's a modular solution! 


Face it, other companies are able to sell their control panels cheap for a reason.  They use low quality parts and skimp out on both quality and features.   Don't settle for a cheap controller.  If you want the absolute best, with no compromises, there's only one solution...   GOPODULAR!


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