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Order a real arcade control panel from GOPODULAR!

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Order a real arcade control panel from GOPODULAR!


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MAME Compatible Rom Image: Gridlee

MAME compatible ROM image: Gridlee
Non-commercial use only!

You are in control of a character on a grid in a 3-D world.  The trackball moves the character left, right, forward and back to catch bouncing balls on the grid. Use the fire button to blast bad guys coming towards you.

MAME Compatible ROM Image: PolyPlay

MAME compatible ROM image: PolyPlay
Non-commercial use only!

Features seven different games: DeerHunt, Wolf and Rabbit (similar to Pac-Man), Ski, Butterflys, Shooting Hut (Carnival clone), Car Race, and Waterpipe. The games are simple and mostly variations of preexisting games. Due to the character animation, the scrolling effects are like early PCs and terminals with text-only displays.

MAME Compatible ROM Image: Robby Roto

MAME compatible ROM image: Robby Roto
Non-commercial use only!

You are a round yellow man and have to collect your buddies from under the ground. You can't dig everywhere, instead you have mazes that are visible and invisible to travel through. You must avoid the bad guys that get faster and faster on each level. Each level has more buddies to collect.

MAME Compatible ROM Image: Alien Arena

MAME compatible ROM image: Alien Arena
Non-commercial use only!

The basic theme of the game is "capture the flag". You assemble offensive and defensive aids by picking up 'pieces' strewn about your half of the playfield. Only one object can be assembled at a time. The round ends when an flag is captured, or when a player is destroyed.

MAME Compatible ROM Image: Teeter Torture

MAME compatible ROM image: Teeter Torture
Non-commercial use only!

At first glance it's a shooting game like "Space Invaders". But what's with the teeter totter? Well, if you lean too far to either side, the barrel of TNT will explode! To make it even harder, there are small weights that fall from the top of the screen and can attach to the teeter totter. That makes it even more difficult to balance.

MAME Compatible ROM Image: Circus

MAME compatible ROM image: Circus
Non-commercial use only!

Similar to "Breakout", the goal is to knock out all the blocks at the top of the screen.  Instead of a ball, you control two clowns on a see-saw and launch them upward.


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