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Order a real arcade control panel from GOPODULAR!

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Order a real arcade control panel from GOPODULAR!


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Control Panel Overlay (Artwork):

All of our artwork is printed at high resolution.  You can compare the detail of a quarter to the detail in our graphic overlays.  The graphics are printed on commercial grade vinyl, just like original arcade overlays.   You can choose the graphics that we designed, or design your own.  Contact us for further details.

Arcade Control Panels:

We offer a wide selection of controllers.   All of our control panels feature our trademark front interface that has both player 1 and player 2 "coin-up" buttons and "administrative" buttons that can be configured for various functions under MAME and other emulators.  Our panels are designed so there are NO bolts, screws, nails, or anything else stuck through the top.  You can choose from our current lineup or design your own panel.

Swappable Cartridge Encoders™:

Our controllers can be used on multiple platforms.   You simply need the appropriate swappable cartridge encoders.  Controllers from other manufacturers require adapters that can cause lag during gameplay.  If they work at all.  We use only native encoders for each system and are the only manufacturer that demands this level of accuracy.

Interior Wiring:

We don't want our connections to fail.  We also want to make it easy to change or upgrade parts.  Because of that, we solder each wire to a quick disconnect.  If a microswitch ever wears out, or you want to change to another joystick or button type, they can be swapped easily without the need for desoldering/resoldering.  Just use a small set of pliers and you can remove the lead from the microswitch.  There are also a couple extra wires passed between the cartridges and the panel in case a customer wants to "mod" their controller at a later date (please check warranty details before performing modifications to your control panel).

Cartridge Connection Details:

pics coming soon.

The next generation of console systems has presented a challenge to our competitors.  Their designs won't allow them to expand their support for consoles like the Xbox 360.  Ours does.  The difference is in the number of pins used for the connection.   Unlike our competitors, we extend every wire to the edge of the box and to the connector.  That means the cartridge "has access" to each connection inside the panel seperately.  Our competitors often use a "common ground" wiring scheme where all buttons and the joystick share the same ground.  That may make wiring easier and cut down the cost of materials, but it limits the compatibility of the controller.  That's why we don't follow their lead.

Construction Quality:

pics coming soon.

Glue, screws, nails, welds, bolts, and bondo.  We use the right materials to make our controllers last a long time.  We use real laminate and not melamine.  We even level the surface of the panel under the laminate so there's no flexing.  We use professional level vinyl artwork just like what is in the arcades.  Some of our competitors hide their joystick mounting screws by just running them up from the bottom.  We use a metal plate recessed into the top of the panel below the laminate that has studs welded to it.  It's the same system that's used to mount Golden Tee trackballs.  It's designed to withstand a lot of abuse.


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