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Order a real arcade control panel from GOPODULAR!

Full Listing
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Order a real arcade control panel from GOPODULAR!


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* * GOPODULAR! Customized Arcade Controllers * *

Customer Designed Artwork & Layouts

custom_swappable_arcade_control_panel_designsWe are happy to offer custom artwork and layouts on our arcade control panels.  These options will require extra time to complete.

Our standard control panel templates are not available for download.  You are free to layout the panel(s) in any manner you wish.  We do not accept parts from customers to install in our controllers.  This is to avoid any issues with shipping damage of rare parts.

We do not offer artwork creation at this time, but plan on offering this service for a minimal fee once our lineup has been expanded.  Please see below for guidelines on artwork creation.

* check it out * * check it out * * check it out *
Article: Melamine vs. Laminate Comparison SEIMITSU - Coming Soon! Design Your Own Arcade Joystick!

Feel free to use this graphic!

Layout Dimensions

Our panels are 12-3/4" wide x 8" deep x 3" tall.  This includes 1/2" overhang on both sides and the front.  There is no overhang in the back.   The inside height available is 2-1/4".

Designing Your Own Artwork

Custom arcade controller artworkPlease be aware that it is a violation of US Federal Copyright Law for us to reproduce in any manner artwork that is original, or a copy of an existing copyright image without written consent from the originating artist or photographer. This includes copyrighted movies, TV, cartoons, art or photographs sold at retail, party goods (paper plates, napkins, greeting cards), and school emblems. Help us maintain compliance with this law by not asking us to violate it.

Artwork should be done at 300dpi.

Artwork submitted becomes the property of GOPODULAR!

Custom artwork and/or layouts void our 30-day Money Back policy.

Artwork can be submitted to us in the following formats:
- Adobe Illustrator *.ai
- Adobe PhotoShop (preferred) *.psd
- Paint Shop Pro *.psp
jpg, gif, etc compress files when they are saved and result in low quality prints.  For that reason, they are not accepted.

How To Submit Your Artwork

Download, print, and sign the transfer of copyright agreement.

Include a "quick print" of your graphics for our records.  This must be a color print but can be of low quality.  It is only for our files.

Burn the artwork file to CD and mail it to us along with the "quick print" and the transfer agreement.

Available Colors

Each manufacturer uses it's own shade of each color.  For example, "Sanwa red" is not an exact match to "Happ red".  The colors below are not the exact color, they are provided here as an example of the variety.

Happ Super joystick handles blackbluered
Happ Competition joystick handles blackbluegreenredyellow
Happ Concave buttons blackbluegreenorangepurpleredwhiteyellow
Happ Convex buttons blackbluegreenorangepinkpurpleredwhiteyellow
Sanwa joystick handles blacklight bluegreenorangepinkredwhiteyellow
Sanwa buttons light bluegreenorangepinkredwhiteyellow

Custom Parts

Want parts in your panel that aren't listed?  We can custom order parts.  Please contact us with your requirements.


Customization costs vary.  Contact us with your exact needs.  Color selection is free!


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