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Order a real arcade control panel from GOPODULAR!

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Order a real arcade control panel from GOPODULAR!


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Article: Melamine vs. Laminate Comparison SEIMITSU - Coming Soon! Design Your Own Arcade Joystick!

Feel free to use this graphic!

03/08/07 News:

Grand OpeningSome more graphics scattered around the site

In case you didn't notice, there's some more graphics scattered around the site.   There's been a lot of questions about the different graphics available for the panels and I just tossed up the actual art files rather than trying to take a bunch of pics and trim them out for the web.  The plus side of that is they should give a good idea about the button placement.

02/05/07 News:

Grand OpeningMAME™ turns 10!

Ten years ago today Nicola Salmoria released MAME 0.1 and started the whole MAME scene.   As part of the whole celebration, the official MAMEDev site has undergone an overhaul including a wiki and important dates of MAME development.  Stop by and check out what's new.  Thanks go out to everyone that has contributed to the project in the past, present and will contribute in the future!

01/07/06 News:

Grand OpeningBack to the Grind

We're back!  We've got some new stuff in the works too!  We changed some stuff on the website, let us know if you run into any issues.

12/27/06 News:

Grand OpeningHoliday Schedule

We'll be closed Dec 29th through January 7th.

12/03/06 News:

Grand OpeningChild's Play - The Gamers Charity

For those that haven't heard of this charity before, check out the website and help out if you can.   There's over two-dozen hospitals participating this year from around the globe!   Remember, 100% of the donations and gifts are given out.  There are zero administration fees with this charity.

11/27/06 News:

Grand OpeningSEIMITSU - Coming Soon!

We've just figured out how to get Seimitsu arcade parts shipped directly to us.   Once we iron out the details in pricing & shipping, you will be able to customize your panel to your hearts content.  If you ever want to see another manufacturers' product offered, let us know and we'll do our best to get access to their full product line.

Friday the 13th (10/13/06):

Grand OpeningUser Review at Xbox Forums

One of our customers has posted their thoughts on the panel they recently purchased.   It's a customized US Fighting Minions panel with the Xbox 360 cartridge.  You can check out the thread on the xbox forums.  Special thanks go out to "Real Decoy" for taking the time out his busy schedule.

Be sure to drop us a line whenever you see any reviews/comments on our controllers.  We're more than happy to answer any questions that come up.

9/21/06 News:

Grand OpeningSeimitsu Parts

We're having issues with getting Seimitsu parts supplied.  Expect a longer than normal turn around for any future panel requests with Seimitsu parts.  We'll let you know what the expected wait is when you contact us with your custom panel request.   We're attempting to establish a "direct" connection, but we need to overcome a language barrier, currency exchange, and shipping concerns.  I personally apologize for any inconvenience.  - Mike

8/30/06 News:

Grand OpeningImage Gallery In Progress

We're slowly working on an image gallery.   Check it out for details that are tough to describe in our FAQ.

8/19/06 News:

Grand OpeningXbox 360 Cartridge Change (revisted)

All the pertinent information is posted on the Xbox 360 cartridge page.  A picture of the cartridge is also posted.

08/14/06 News:

Grand OpeningXbox 360 Cartridge Change (revisted)

We have reimplemented the right and left trigger functions for the Xbox 360 cartridge.  We didn't get our delivery of parts we were expecting today, so more details will be posted tomorrow.  All current users of the Xbox 360 cartridge should have received an email about getting your revised cartridge at no charge.  If you didn't, please contact us.  As always, have your order number handy for quick reference.

In other news, we should be getting more pictures posted to the website soon.

07/27/06 News:

Grand OpeningXbox 360 Cartridge Change

Due to circumstances beyond our control, the Xbox 360 cartridge will no longer support the right and left trigger functions.   (issue resolved!  See post above)

05/11/06 News:

Grand OpeningSaturn Support, Additional Pages

We've unleashed our "Saturn" cartridge for the Sega Saturn.  We've also got the layouts for each system available so you can see the button mappings.  Just follow the appropriate link under the "Swappable Cartridge Encoders™" section of the directory.

05/09/06 News:

Grand OpeningPlayStation Support, Xbox 360 Support, Dreamcast Support

We're happy to say our "PS1&2" cartridge is ready for the PlayStation One & PS2.  We're also done with our "X360" cartridge for the Xbox 360, and the Sega Dreamcast "Dream" cartridge.

05/08/06 News:

Grand OpeningNew Arcade Panel - "Combat Minions"

Our Combat Minions arcade panel is now available.

04/03/06 News:

Grand OpeningOur first flyer is out!

Our first flyer is complete.  It will also serve as a splash page, but will need to be linked to directly.  When you type in "" you will not get the splash page.

04/03/06 News:

Grand OpeningThe Website is Finally UP!

The GOPODULAR! website is up and running.  Currently, we are taking orders through the "BUY NOW" link in the directory tree.  Please contact us for ordering information.  This is the first time orders are being taken through a website, so we want to iron out any bugs prior to receiving any money for our products.  We feel this is the best way to launch the website.  That way initial questions can be added to the F.A.Q.  Please let us know about any broken links (shouldn't be any, but you never know) and help get the word out that we are finally on the web.

I've been delegated the responsibility for our web presence, so I'll handle the email questions and online ordering.  I'm hoping for a 24-48 hour turnaround on emails, but until I get the the rest of the website together, I *might* need a little extra time.

Our motto is simple: "There will be no compromise".

Thank You.


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