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Fighting Minions™ (US edition)
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Classical Minions
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Order a real arcade control panel from GOPODULAR!

Full Listing
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Order a real arcade control panel from GOPODULAR!


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GOPODULAR! Arcade Control Panel for PC & consoles:

Classical Minions™

GOPODULAR! is proud to present the Classical Minions control panel.  This panel is aimed at the people that fell in love with games like Asteroids, Frogger, Space Invaders, Defender, and an all time favorite of ours, Pac-Man.  This panel can also be used with console systems by using our Swappable Cartridge Encoders.

classical_minions_arcade_controller_graphics_package_1 classical_minions_arcade_controller_graphics_package_2
classical_minions_arcade_controller_graphics_package_3 classical_minions_arcade_controller_graphics_package_4

Real Arcade Controls:

The Classical Minions arcade controller uses a 4-way Galaga / Ms. Pac-Man "reunion" balltop joystick that is exactly what is placed in the commercial environment.  It's built to last.  The buttons are genuine Happ Concave buttons with Cherry brand microswitches cycle tested to 10 million button presses.  We do not use imitation controls.  We only use name brand, reputable components.

Benefits & Notes:

  • This panel uses a 4-way joystick.  You can NOT use this panel with games that require diagonal movements.  They do not register.
  • Includes our "PC" swappable cartridge encoder.
  • Requires a single USB input, or can be used on console systems with the appropriate encoder cartridge.
  • Comfortable layout for adults or kids.
  • Portable.
  • Rock-stable on your desktop or lap.
  • Add additional panels for multi-player simultaneous action.
  • Play head-to-head just like in the arcade.
  • Uses only the best arcade hardware available.
  • Outperforms the competition.
  • Authentic commercial grade arcade joysticks and buttons.
  • Competition level precision and accuracy.
  • Cycle tested to millions of button presses.
  • Compatible With MAME™ and other emulation software.
  • Optional cartridges work with additional systems.
  • Compatible with Xbox Live™ And PlayStation Online™.
  • Use with your favorite sports titles for a true arcade experience.

Compare our Controller Layout:

The layout of the controller gives great gameplay on classic games.  Compare our layout to the original panels from the full-size arcade machines:

Original Control Panels: Notes:
Control Panel
PacMan real arcade control panel Wait... Pac-Man didn't use buttons...  Correct!  But it's the best example of a 4-way joystick.  You can NOT move diagonally with a 4-way joystick.  That means precise control.
Control Panel
Stargate real arcade control panel Reverse, Thrust, Fire, Smart Bomb all per the original.  The Hyperspace & Inviso buttons have moved on our panel.
Control Panel
Defender real arcade control panel Reverse, Thrust, Fire, Smart Bomb all per the original.  The Hyperspace button has moved on our panel.
Control Panel
Toobin real arcade control panel Our panel has flattened out the original buttons for back-paddling.
Control Panel
Asteroids real arcade control panel Exact layout supported!

Arcade Panel Construction:

Bolts?  What bolts?  Controls *can* be mounted without the ugliness of having bolts or other metal sticking through the panel.  It just takes a little more time.   GOPODULAR! takes that extra time.  Nobody else does.  Instead, they'll use wood screws from the bottom and try and pass that off.  This is what puts our construction techniques above the others in the industry.  This panel is based off of panels built for commercial use and we concentrated on what game genre this panel is for, not how easily it can be built.  Our competitors just slap controls in a cheap melamine box.  You won't see ugly mounting holes or glue joints on our controllers.  Watch out for our imitators that use wood screws from the bottom.  MDF, particle board and manufactured woods like it don't allow you to remove and reinsert screws.  That's not what they were designed for.  Yet that's what you'll be getting if you buy from someone else.

Make the Right Choice:

You may be a kid at heart, but you don't want a kid's controller.  GOPODULAR! uses the highest quality parts available, while the "other guys" use imitation controls and cheap assembly methods.  Shop around.  Compare what we offer to what else is out there.  Ask yourself who offers the best.  We know you'll be back.

Price Chart:

Available Arcade Control Panels Available Swappable Cartridge Encoders

Fighting Minions (US) - including "PC" Cart $225 "PC" $55
Fighting Minions (JP) - including "PC" Cart $250 "PS1&2" $55
Classical Minions - including "PC" Cart $225 "Xbox" $TBA
Combat Minions - including "PC" Cart $250 "X360" $75
Golf Minions $TBA "Dream" $55
Grid Minions $TBA "Cube" $TBA
My Minions $varies "Saturn" $55

Want a different cartridge than what is included?   Encoder Cartridge substitutions can be made at the time of purchase.
Just add/subtract the difference in pricing. (ie: changing from PC Cart to X360 = +$20, so Fighting Minions (US) with a "X360" Cart = $245).
USPS shipping for Continental US is ~$15-$20.  Includes insurance & delivery confirmation.


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