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Full Listing
Fighting Minions™ (US edition)
Fighting Minions™ (JP edition)
Classical Minions
My Minions™ (customer designed)

Order a real arcade control panel from GOPODULAR!

Full Listing
PC, MAC, Linux
Sony PlayStation One & Two
Microsoft Xbox™
Microsoft Xbox 360
Sega Dreamcast
Nintendo Gamecube™
Sega Saturn


Order a real arcade control panel from GOPODULAR!


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Windows, MAC, and Linux Systems

Compatible with Windows, MAC, & Linux Systems:

Windows, MAC, & Linux PC System
US Release Date of System: varies
System Launch Price: n/a
Controller Ports: USB
Game Media: CD-ROM, DVD, Emulation
Storage: varies
Networking: varies
EDTV and HDTV Support: varies

Windows, MAC, & Linux PC Cartridge

"PC" Encoder for GOPODULAR! Arcade Controllers:

We are pleased to introduce the "PC" Swappable Cartridge Encoder.  This encoder uses a USB circuit built for these systems, so adapters are not needed & there will never be any input lag.  The encoder plugs directly into the USB port and mounts neatly onto the back of your GOPODULAR! controller.

Note: A USB port for each control panel is required.

Compatible With the Following GOPODULAR! Arcade Control Panels:

Button Layout for Fighting Minions US Arcade Panel on Windows, Mac, or Linux PC Button Layout for Fighting Minions JP Arcade Panel on Windows, Mac, or Linux PC Button Layout for Classical Minions Arcade Panel on Windows, Mac, or Linux PC
Button Layout for Combat Minions Arcade Panel on Windows, Mac, or Linux PC

Don't like the button assignment layout?  Design your own!   You can even swap the top and bottom rows at no charge.

Some Great Software Titles Are:

Atari Emulation Programs:
- Atari 2600: Stella, Z26
- Jaguar: Project Tempest, Virtual Jaguar
Arcade Emulation Programs:
- Laserdisc: Daphne
- Multi-platform: Kawaks, MAME, Nebula
Microsoft Emulation Programs:
- Xbox: n/a - Console still available in stores
Nintendo Emulation Programs:
- NES: 80five, FakeNES, FCE Ultra, fwNES, Jnes, MarioNES, NESten, NesterJ, Nesticle, Nestopia, Nintendulator, olafnes, RockNES, VirtuaNES
- SNES: SNEeSe, SnEM, Snes9x, ZSNES
- N64: 1964, Apollo, Corn, Daedalus, Mupen6, Nemu64, Project64, SupraHLE, TR64, TRWin, UltraHLE, UltraHLE 2064
Sega Emulation Programs:
- Genesis: Ages, Fusion, Gens, Gens32, RetroDrive
- Saturn: Saturne, Saturnin, SSF, Yabause
- Dreamcast: Chankast, DreamEMU, Icarus
Sony Emulation Programs:
- Playstation: AndriPSX, Bleem!, ePSXe, PCSX, pSX, PSXeven, SSSPSX
- Playstation 2: n/a - Console still available in stores

Compilation CD’s:
- Atari: 80 Classic Games in One (PC - 80 titles)
- Atari: Atari Arcade (PC - 6 titles)
- Atari: Anniversary Edition (PC - 12 titles)
- Atari: Anthology (PS2, Xbox - 85 titles)
- Capcom: Classics Collection (PS2, Xbox - 22 titles)
- Midway: Arcade Treasures (PS2, Xbox, Gamecube - 24 titles)
- Midway: Arcade Treasures 2 (PS2, Xbox, Gamecube - 20 titles)
- Midway: Arcade Treasures 3 (PS2, Xbox, Gamecube - 8 titles)
- Sega: Classics Collection (PS2 - 9 titles)
- Sega: Smash Pack (PC - 8 titles)
- Sega: Smash Pack 2 (PC - 8 titles)
- Sega: Smash Pack “Volume 1” (DC - 12 titles)
- Taito: Legends (PC, PS2, Xbox - 29 titles)
- Taito: Legends 2 (PC, PS2, Xbox - 39 titles)

Have A Different Gaming System?

Check our compatibility listing to see if we have an appropriate Swappable Encoder Cartridge.

Price Chart:

Available Arcade Control Panels Available Swappable Cartridge Encoders

Fighting Minions (US) - including "PC" Cart $225 "PC" $55
Fighting Minions (JP) - including "PC" Cart $250 "PS1&2" $55
Classical Minions - including "PC" Cart $225 "Xbox" $TBA
Combat Minions - including "PC" Cart $250 "X360" $75
Golf Minions $TBA "Dream" $55
Grid Minions $TBA "Cube" $TBA
My Minions $varies "Saturn" $55

Want a different cartridge than what is included?   Encoder Cartridge substitutions can be made at the time of purchase.
Just add/subtract the difference in pricing. (ie: changing from PC Cart to X360 = +$20, so Fighting Minions (US) with a "X360" Cart = $245).
USPS shipping for Continental US is ~$15-$20.  Includes insurance & delivery confirmation.


We accept PayPal!Cashier CheckPersonal Check

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