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Order a real arcade control panel from GOPODULAR!

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Order a real arcade control panel from GOPODULAR!


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GOPODULAR! Arcade Control Panel Limited Warranty:

WarrantyWarranty Information

All GOPODULAR!™ arcade control panels carry a Limited Warranty, serviced exclusively from GOPODULAR!. In the unlikely event of a product defect or a problem which occurs within the first six (6) months of the original purchaser's ownership of the GOPODULAR!™ arcade control panel, it will be covered under this warranty.


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If your arcade control panel is found defective or stops working under residential use, GOPODULAR! will, at its election, send replacement parts to your location to repair the problem, as the panels are designed to be serviced like a real arcade "on location".

In the rare event the unit cannot be repaired with replacement parts during this time, we will send a return-shipping label for you to ship back the defective unit at your cost. For all international orders, the customer will be responsible for shipping the unit to GOPODULAR! and back again. If the unit cannot be repaired, a replacement unit will be shipped.

The original proof of purchase must accompany all claims. Any items without a receipt of sale will not be serviced under this warranty. ALL RETURNS OR EXCHANGES MUST INCLUDE A RETURN AUTHORIZATION NUMBER (RA#) FROM GOPODULAR! PRIOR TO SENDING IN THE PANEL. CONTACTING US IS THE FIRST STEP.

If it is determined by GOPODULAR! that the unit has stopped working from misuse, Acts of God, vandalism, negligence,  user modification, or accidental damage, we will not honor this repair procedure and you will be billed accordingly.  Non-residential use of our systems and parts are strictly prohibited.

NOTE: GOPODULAR! may deem that any and all warranty work can be done on site with parts replaced by customer.

GOPODULAR! warrants against defect in workmanship and materials as herein:

Labor: six months; if GOPODULAR! determines that the equipment is defective subject to the limitations of this warranty, it will be replaced with a refurbished unit at no charge for labor if the work is done by GOPODULAR!.

Parts: six months; GOPODULAR! will supply at no charge, new parts to replace defective parts, subject to limitations of the warranty.

No warranty is made or implied for the aesthetics of the product.

These terms are for sales made directly by GOPODULAR! and may differ from terms you may have to adhere to from the company you purchase the product from.  GOPODULAR! does not assume, or authorize any person or representative to assume for us any other liability in connection with the sale of our products.  Warranty is non-transferable and not valid for purchases from non-authorized resellers.

GOPODULAR! and/or its affiliates will not be held liable for any incidental or consequential damages, for breach of any expressed or implied warranty of the GOPODULAR! control panels, nor incidental or consequential damages from the inability to use, or ability to use the controller. Under no circumstance shall liability exceed the purchase price of the product as sold by GOPODULAR!. GOPODULAR! reserves the right to refuse to honor this warranty if any of above exceptions caused the product to no longer function correctly.


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