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Fighting Minions™ (US edition)
Fighting Minions™ (JP edition)
Classical Minions
My Minions™ (customer designed)

Order a real arcade control panel from GOPODULAR!

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Sony PlayStation One & Two
Microsoft Xbox™
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Sega Saturn


Order a real arcade control panel from GOPODULAR!


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Arcade Related Links you shouldn't be without:

Industry News

RetroBlast! RetroBlast! - Retrogaming news, reviews, interviews and "how-to" articles.
GameRoom Magazine GameRoom Magazine - Covers pinball machines, arcade video, jukeboxes, arcade games and other coin-operated collectibles.


MAME development team MAMEdev - The MAME Development Team.  This is where the source code is released from. - Downloads, Documentation, Forums, if you have questions, these guys have answers.
MAME32 MAME32 - The graphical interface version of MAME for Windows users.  Those new to emulation should use the MAME32 binary.
MacMAME MacMAME - MAME for MAC users. xmame - MAME for Linux users.

Other Emulators

MESS emulator M.E.S.S. - Emulator for older gaming consoles and home computer games.  It covers the Commodore-64, Genesis, NES, and several others.
Daphne emulator Daphne - Laser disc emulator i.e.: Dragons Lair.

Guides & Extra's

easyEMU emulation setup guides easyEMU - Designed for people new to emulators and are having problems getting things started.
Tiger-Heli's Arcade Pages Tiger-Heli's Arcade Pages - Not for the faint of heart, there is days worth of reading material here.  One of the best sources out there.
Screenshot Archive Screenshot Archive - Screenshots, cartridge scans, box scans, and other artwork.  Also has modified Emulators you exit with the [Escape] key.
MaLa Front End MaLa is a frontend program supporting command line based emulators (inc. command-line MAME with XML ROM info (> v0.84), and PC Games.
MameWAH Front End Mamewah is another frontend program, but can be hard to configure for beginners.  Use this guide to help set it up.
Jakobud Arcade Cabinet plans Jakobud took the time to draw up plans for a bunch of different arcade cabinets that people provided measurements for.   These plans are what people try and sell on ebay (even though you can get them for free on his website).


GameTap GameTap - Subscription based classic gaming.  ~$10 a month for all the gaming you can handle.
glTron glTron - An excellent (and free) 3D version of the lightcycles game from Tron.  Available for Windows, MacOS X & Linux. (set the joystick threshold high)
Little Fighters 2 Little Fighter 2 - A highly addictive beat-em-up game.  It even has network play, but only "officially" runs at 800x600 resolution.

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